Ep 25: Utilizing Emerging Technologies to Solve Communication Problems

Hybrid events seem easy on paper, but execution is a totally different story. If you don’t have the right people and the right technology, it could be your biggest nightmare. Tune in as Sherry Budziak interviews Laird Crawford, owner and CEO of Ian Ryan Interactive, to discuss how the Innovation Summit was seamlessly blended into an in-person and online event, and all other media services that associations can utilize to economically meet their communication needs.

Ep 24: Systemic Problem Solving Through Lens of Optimism

The pandemic has forced associations to be as creative and innovative as possible to ride the tide and thrive in it. This week’s guest, Mike Moss, President of the Society for College and University Planning, talks about launching an Innovation Hub in his organization to speed up product development cycles and identify and refine experiments that were moving the discipline forward. Lots of takeaways that you don’t want to miss!


Ep 23: Simplifying the Road to Excellence

Perfection through simplification is never easy, but this is what our guest, Garth Jordan, CEO of American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), is advocating for at his organization. For this episode, Sherry and Garth talk about simplifying the association business model through redirection of resources and elimination of visions that are not aligned with the association’s core purpose. Stay tuned!


Ep 22: Driving Value to Increase Member Engagement

This week, let’s dive into member engagement and what future membership will look like. Sherry Budziak, .orgSource Founder and CEO, interviews Tom Morrison, CEO of Metal Treating Institute Management, about membership challenges and opportunities, as well as insight on how they successfully managed their association’s first in-person event, while making sure attendees feel comfortable and reassured.




Ep 21: Organic Collaborations to Fuel Growth

In this episode, we shine light on how associations can encourage organic collaborations that often result in happy, fruitful partnerships. Tune in to .orgSource CEO and Founder Sherry Budziak and American Association of Clinical Endocrinology (AACE) CEO Paul Markowski as they discuss this opportunity and other ways on how the association industry can set a new course and think progressively in this unprecedented times.



Ep 20: Relearning How to Build the Wheel of the Future

Stop. Listen. And Learn. These are the first steps that Ken Slaw, Executive Director for the Society of Vascular Surgery, did to realign his thoughts on how to go forward in the midst of the pandemic. Come tune in as .orgSource Founder and CEO Sherry Budziak interviews Ken on how he managed to implement new programs and discovered new initiatives that moved his organization forward despite the less-than-ideal business landscape.


Ep 19: Resilient Leadership in Challenging Times

This week’s episode shines light on resilient leadership and evolving workplace culture as Sherry Budziak, .orgSource Founder and CEO, interviews Bill Bruce, CEO of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM). Listen and learn how Bill positioned ACOEM for success and his thoughts on why flexibility and receptivity to change remains key for continuous progress.



Ep 17: Strengthening Partnerships in the Digital Age

This week we continue our conversation about association sponsorships and the role that technology plays in it. Join Kevin Ordonez, President and Managing Director of Digital Strategy at .orgSource, as he interviews subject-matter expert Scott Oser, President of Scott Oser Associates. If you’re an association struggling to find support or you’re finding ways to have a better relationship with your partners, then this episode is worth a listen. Join the discussion and learn more.

Ep 16: The Evolving Landscape of Association Sponsorship

In this episode, Kevin Ordonez, .orgSource President and Managing Director of Digital Strategy, interviews Lewis Flax, President of Flax Associates, on the changing landscape of association sponsorship. Find out what’s hot and what’s not, what sponsors REALLY want, and how your organization can best cater to your partners – all these and more so make sure to hit the play button!