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Ep 47: What Do I Want to be Famous For Within My Association?

This week’s guest is the IrishmanSpeaks Conor Cunneen, a keynote speaker and a consultant whose mission is to improve people, performance, and productivity with a smile! Conor walks us through strategies to ensure a great customer experience and how leaders should think about employee engagement. His great sense of humor on addressing challenging topics such as culture and change management will make listening to this episode such a breeze!


Ep 46: Preparing for the Future with Strategic Foresight

Disruptions will happen throughout history. The big question is, are you and your organization ready?  Our guest for this week is Robin Champ, a Senior Trainer and Consultant at LBL Strategies, focusing on strategic foresight and strategy management. She’ll walk us through on how we can integrate foresight in our strategic planning, looking for signals and trends, as we navigate our paths in Association 4.0.



Ep 40: Providing True Value to Members and Beyond

In an industry that thrives on in-person meetings, find out how Stefanie Reeves, Executive Director of the Maryland Psychological Association (MPA), anchored her association and provided true value when help is most needed. In the midst of the pandemic, MPA established itself as the go to for information, and the transition to telehealth was among the biggest issues they tackled.

Stefanie is an experienced association professional with a passion for advocacy. She is a Fellow of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), an honor bestowed upon less than 1% of the ASAE membership.



Ep 38: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – The Shift from Compliance to Systemic Change

Today’s host, Sharon Rice, Managing Director of Business Strategy at .orgSource, talks to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Consultant Christine Saxman, CEO of Saxman Consulting, about the importance of DE&I in the workplace to advance as an organization and as a community. At one point or another, your organization might have asked – do we need DE&I goals?  Christine walks us how our organization can get started and start the shift to showing that our organization values representation at a deeper level.

Ep 36: Building Strategic Partnerships to Address Current and Emerging Needs

This week’s guest, Dr. Thomas Dammrich, is a seasoned association executive with 42 years of experience in working with members to build consensus around an action agenda to improve their industry. Currently a Business Strategist at the National Association of Healthcare Quality, Thom talks to us about his leadership style throughout the years being at the helm of the different industries he has worked with. He also shares his thoughts on what association leaders need to do to connect the dots and address today’s needs as well as the emerging issues of tomorrow.

Ep 35: Promoting Effective Partnering Through a Culture of Collaboration and Communication

Open lines of communication go a long way in terms of building a great partnership. Our guests for this week, John Forbes, Executive Director of the American Venous Forum, and Sue O’Sullivan, President at Veritas Meeting Solutions, talk to us about how their organizations partnered to create a unique hybrid management model for associations, and how this relationship thrived through mutual trust and respect within the teams.



Ep 33: Accelerating Initiatives in an Era of Disruption

Join us this week as our guest, Dean West, President of Association Laboratory, talks to us about how the pandemic accelerated initiatives in the association industry—what could have taken five years is now only taking a couple of months to execute. With lots of pros and cons, Sherry and Dean discuss that while face to face meetings are still very much important, associations are currently still finding their feet in balancing and incorporating traditional and virtual strategies to extend substantial reach in audience. We know a lot of association executives have a lot to say about this topic so leave us a comment below!


Ep 31: Using the Power of Data in Growing Your Association

How are you using your data? Are you using it correctly in your association to make a difference? This week, John Challice, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Hum, talks to us about the value of data and its strategic components. Join the conversation as Sherry and John discuss the reasons why first party data is the key to moving to the next level of member value and why associations should learn how to use it to their advantage.



Ep 30: Curiosity Drives the Growth Mindset

Breaking down silos to get the right people who can perform the job is not an easy task. Apart from having the right technology, Eric O’Connor, Chief Growth Officer of the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology, talks about why identifying people in your organization that have the innate need to grow and make a difference and giving them the right opportunities is an important starting point of digital transformation.