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Part 1: Why a Strong Channel Network Matters in Navigating the New Normal

In this episode, Sharon Rice, Managing Director of Business Strategy for .orgSource, discusses the importance of channel networks and channel development with Jim Lahey, an accomplished Associations Executive and global channel leader.

Lean on Your Culture in Difficult Times

A healthy organizational culture sets the stage for success. On this podcast, Kevin Martlage, .orgSource Senior Consultant, will explain how to lean on your culture during challenging times by being intentional, communicative, and clear.

Lessons Learned During the 2008 Recession

In this episode Abe Eshkenazi, CEO of the Association for Supply Chain Management, joins me to talk about how he steered his organization through the 2008 recession. Abe will share key actions you can take to succeed through challenge and demonstrate value to your members.

The Impact of Low Touch Economy on Associations – What Is Your Strategy in the New World?

The Low Touch Economy is both a complication of the pandemic and a feature of digital business. In this episode, Sharon Rice, .orgSource Director of Business Strategy and I share the outcomes of research that our company conducted to learn how associations are navigating this new environment. We’ll focus on behavioral shifts, opportunities for innovation, and economic scenarios and strategies